November 8  2017

Although I lost my first and only run for a political office ever, I am so greatful for all the support and encouragement given publicly and privately to enter the race late without political parties backing or funding my campaign and without having a profile or photo on the voter guide (that was a surprise) to get our message out about the lack of access to the people we vote for, about the misguided decesions being made regarding the allocation of park funds as well as a host of other issues negatively impacting our neighborhood.

I was warned that people would vote blindly and mostly democraticly down the line, but I am thankful to know that each person who was able to veer off track and find me on the ballot as an Independent voted for me with the intention of choosing me to represent our mutual concerns.

I am also glad that my opponent Councilman, Costas Constanides, ran the race without the bashing and slandering that we have seen in some elections and extend my congratulations and hope that he will truly be a great representative for our community in District 22 during his 2nd and final term as Councilman.

Here's to keeping him on his toes.

Kathleen K Springer
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Kathleen Councilwoman 
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Kathleen Councilwoman

My Faithful Companion, Fif, We are the underdogs in this race.

We are concerned with
- Preserving our Parks and Swimming Facilities, and providing more green spaces
- Accountability from our elected leaders and access
- Traffic and Congestion and transportation solutions
- Infrastructure
- Safety
- Environment and use of renewable energy
- Animal Welfare
- Sanitation
- Handycap Accessability
- Housing Needs
- Art and Culture and Entertainment 


Vote For Me
Every Vote Counts

If you’re looking for friendly, professional service, honesty, integrity and access to your elected official, elect Kathleen.   With over 30 years of experience in business in Astoria , NY, she sold or rented or leased a commercial and/or residential property almost on every block in Astoria and LIC,  East Elmhurst, Woodside, primarily and many sales in all five borougs.   Kathleen learned a lot about the needs of our  residents, businesses  and new commers to our ever changing community and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the insight and understanding she will provide in working for the benefit of all the members of our great community.


Flexibility and brevity and skill are keys to every successful endeavor.  It is essential to know when to stay firm and not compromise on quality and essential building blocks when constructing a platform to  soar to great heights and dive In for a better future.


Conservation, Preservation, Adaptability.  Constituents to be able to rely on me 100% to listen and act upon our needs.


DIVE IN.   Vote for Kathleen2017 and help be a part of responding to the  needs of the community

My promise

MORE ABOUT KATHLEEN in a completed questionaire about her 
We asked, and Kathleen K. Springer answered!
We sent questionnaires to candidates for city council (in the primary elections), to find out what they think about some of the most important and complex issues facing their districts and NYC as a whole.
Kathleen K. Springer put in the time and thought to fill it out, and we’re excited to share the responses!

your requests and feedback.
Learn more about Kathleen's roots.

Ready To ‘Dive In’ To City Council Race
Kathleen K. Springer, well known in the community as an activist, real estate broker and former owner of Your Neighborhood Realty on Steinway, has entered the race for NYC Council in District 22 as an independent candidate running against the Democratic incumbent, Councilman Costa Constantinides.

Her recent year-long battle to save and restore the Astoria Diving Pool (see Facebook) has left her “dissatisfied with the lack of response from local elected officials who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the pleas from a large portion of the community who submitted a petition to the mayor August 2 to ‘save the pool rather than pave’ the pool.”

After not receiving a response from the mayor and not being able to meet with the councilman in regard to the petition, Springer decided to dive into the race and promises to be more accessible to her constituents if she wins the election, starting by putting her cell phone number on her flyer. Naming her party the “Dive In Party” with the historic diving platform as her platform, in addition to “more parks and swimming facilities in the rapidly growing community, accountability from politicians and agency officials, safety, infrastructure, traffic, environment, education, equality, and more.   Click here to see Gazette article

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